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Use this technique to associate a counter with each element in a list.

Assume you have the following model:

    <page  name="Color"  />
    <page  name="Length" />
    <page  name="Time"   />

and you want to add an index number, starting at 7, to each page element to get something like this:

    <page  name="Color"  index="7"   />
    <page  name="Length" index="8"   />
    <page  name="Time"   index="9"   />

You can use something like the following tag block to accomplish this task:

<c:setVariable select="6" var="counter" />

<c:iterate  select="\pages\page" var="p" >

    <c:setVariable select="1 + $counter" var="counter" />
    <c:set select="$p" name="index"><c:get select="$counter" /></c:set>


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