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The Storm Topology gramar generates almost the entire implementation of a Storm topology with the following design patterns and features:

  1. Strong typing of data on streams
  2. Spout and bolt implementations factored out into three tiers: Storm-aware, Topology-aware and business logic with strongly typed interfaces between tiers
  3. Diagrams (generated input to Graphviz) of the topology showing Bolts, Spouts, streams and other middleware
  4. Fully maven-ized project
  5. Complete topology driver class that reads one of several named property files, builds the topology and submits that topology either to a local cluster or to a Nimbus server
  6. Java beans with serialization logic
  7. A Marshaller class used to convert from Java beans to Values and from Tuples back to Java Beans
  8. Business logic typed by hand is maintained across re-applications of the gramar, making evolution of the topology very fast and inexpensive

Follow the walk through here.

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